Rules and Regulations

Age divisions:
JUNIORS: 6 & Under, 7&8, 9&10
INTERMIDIATES: 11&12, 13&14
SENIORS: 15&16, 17&18, 19 & Over
The age of the dancer is determined as of January 1st,2014. The decimal is to be dropped.  Average age for Duet/Trios, Groups and Lines may be used.


Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater, Acro, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Ballet (Demi pointe), Pointe, Hip Hop , Open (any routine that does not fit in any of the above categories i.e., Highland, Clogging, Ballroom).


Entry information:
All entries must include:
-Completed regulation entry form
-Certified cheque or money order

All entries must be on a official Star’s R Us entry form. Any routine not on our form will not be accepted into the competition. Space is limited and to avoid disappointment please send your entries in early.

Novice: Solo, Duet/Trio – A Novice contestant is a person who has never danced a Solo or Duet/Trio in any other competition in any other year.
Novice Group or Line- 75% of the dancers have never danced in a Solo, Duet/Trio, Group or Line in any other competition in any other year.


Time limits:
Solos, Duets/Trios - no longer than 2.5 minutes.
Groups, Lines, Extended Lines – no longer than 3 minutes.
Productions- no longer than 10 minutes.

All music must be clearly identified. Including studio name, title of music or routine, dancers category, ad division and grouping. Please mark if routine stars on or off the stage. Teachers are responsible for cueing their own music at least one category in advance. Please pick up CD’s promptly after the routine is finished. A sound system is provided with a backup if necessary.

Dancers may not perform the same routine more than once in the same competition.
A studio may enter two groups into one category, as long as the competitors are different in each group. If the competitors are the same they must compete in the next age division in the same category.
Competition organizers reserve the right to adjust age divisions according to the number of entries received in the category.